Ultra Slim
Ultra Slim

Ultra Slim boosts metabolism, aids the burning of excess fat, increases physical endurance and suppresses appetite.

The supplement also prepares your body for training, raises the level of energy and improves general fitness. The active ingredients in UltraSlim speed up metabolism



Take two capsules twice a day with lots of water. It is recommended to take it 30 minutes before a meal or workout or according to your doctor or dietician's recommendations.


Ingredients (daily dose):


Active ingredients


ProNatural Burner(TM Proprietary Blend: 1840.00 (mg/4 caps)


Tyrosine 990.00


Green tea extract 55% EGCG 500.00 (mg/4 caps)


Bitter orange extract 4:1 350.00 (mg/4 caps)


ProClinical energy(TM Proprietary Blend: 335.00 (mg/4 caps)


Caffeine anhydrous 170.00 (mg/4 caps)


Guarana extract 22% 160.00 (mg/4 caps)


Black pepper extract – Piperine 95% 5.00 (mg/4 caps)


Other ingredients:


Microcrystalline cellulose E460 153.00 (mg/4 caps)


Magnesium stearate E470b 48.00 (mg/4 caps)


Colloidal silica E551 24.00 (mg/4 caps)