Dietbooster - Effective support for 5:2 diet

5:2 Diet Booster is a supplementation to 5:2 diet. It eliminates hunger, lack of energy, increases fat burning effectiveness, provides you with vitamins and microelements. Everything in a natural way and without side effects.

5:2 Diet Booster is available in two different formulas: for women (5:2 Diet Booster Women) and for men (5:2 Diet Booster Men). Formula for women regulates hormones and supports healthy hair, skin and nails. Formula for men improves libido and maintains the right testosterone level.

5:2 Diet Booster can help you effortlessly go through your diet and as a result lose the extra weight.



5:2 Diet Control(™)


Proprietary Blend




Green tea extract 55% EGCG,


Bitter orange extract 4:1


Long Lasting energy(™) Proprietary Blend


Caffeine anhydrous


Guarana extract 22%


Black pepper extract - Piperine 95%


Natural Male enhancer(™) Proprietary blend




Tribulus Terresis