Zytax - Potency pills

Zytax is a dietary supplement in the form of pills which guarantees intense sexual tension, ease of getting long and strong erection and full orgasms.

It's recommended to take one pill of Zytax one hour before having sex. Next, throughout 120 minutes both power and pleasure are at the highest possible point. Zytax improves sexual life greatly. What's more, it gives pure sensation. Only natural ingredients of the supplement cause no side-effects.


Take two capsules a day.


Ingredients (daily dose):


Active ingredients


ErectX Blend TM 1150.00 (mg/2 caps)


L-arginine HCI 1000.00 (mg/2 caps)


Ginseng stand 1.5% ginsenosides 100.00 (mg/2 caps)


Tribulus terrestris 12:1 50.00 (mg/2 caps)


Other ingredients:


Magnesium stearate E470b 24.00 (mg/2 caps)


Microcrystalline cellulose E460 14.000 (mg/2 caps)


Colloidal silica E551 12.000 (mg/2 caps)